Let´s help the environment.. with the Enviro app!

As the third small project at Ironhack Barcelona, the exercise was to design a mobile app designed to support Wellness.

I chose the Environment Wellness topic. According to the last UN report, we have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe. Given this headline, I wanted to contribute to this cause by designing an app!

Enviro App is a mobile application that will help people concern about the Natural World to be more active towards it. With the help of this app, people will get to know more about their options to help the environment and be able to set goals for themselves to get more involved.

My biggest challenge was to do this in a short amount of time (5 days), and to learn some new techniques to create better surveys and interviews!

I learned to use the Lean Canvas Survey template to create my surveys, something I struggle with from the beginning. An I also adopted a design thinking approach to get the ideas fast and to prototype fast.

The Research

I decide to follow the Design Thinking process to make sure that my design decisions were supported by user research and feedback.

To build empathy with users, I started off with a set of casual interviews. This resulted in a preliminary set of requirements. Then created the first survey but wasn’t very happy with my questions since I thought they were too broad.

I used the Lean Canvas Survey template to focus on what I wanted to know from the user. After filling it out, I felt more confident in the next steps to follow. To get interviewers, I posted the survey on various Reddit/Facebook groups focused on the environment, and send the link to friends and family that could be a potential user.

After gathering more than 60 responses (you can check here for the English results and here for the Spanish) and doing various 1x1 interviews, I started my affinity diagram to organize my thoughts.

I made a list of the pain points:

  1. Most of the users felt like institutions didn’t have enough information given to the community.
  2. A large majority of interviewers were concern about the issue but didn’t always remember to do something about it, like bringing the bag to the supermarket..etc.
  3. They wanted to change their behavior but didn’t really know how.
  4. Most of them they didn’t know of the existence of apps to help with the environment, but they would have loved one.

The problem statement:

Green people needs a way to be more active towards the natural world because they want to take care of the environment.

I created the persona based on the interviews and surveys.

Sophia is the Persona for Enviro App

My first idea was to create an app that will give the user insights about the environment; giving them information and having some feature that will enable them to set up reminders to complete tasks.

When you enter the app it will ask you to set a goal on the topic you are interested in. Each goal selected will give you points. Once you selected the topic, it will give you more insight about the topis and you will have three options. One will be to see how can you help? This option will give you a list of tips you can follow. The next option will be the goal settings, where you can check how many times a week and if you want to get reminders. And the last option will be the GO option to accept the goal.

After this, you go to the home screen where you see the list of the goals you are doing, can check them once you have done them and you can add friends.


First Prototype

Once I got my first prototype, I start testing it and realizing I need to do some changes to make the interface more user-friendly.

Second Prototype

In the second prototype I got better and knowing what the user was expecting so I did a few more changes, and I created some new buttons to help with the flow.

Final Prototype!

Here you can find the final design in Invision.

Next Steps

Because of the time constraint, I didn’t add many of the features I would have liked to, such challenges, profiles, change the menu…etc

The next step should be to create the UI for the app, and keep testing it!


Since this is a broad topic, I learn that I should keep my focus/goal narrow. The biggest challenge, in this case, was to get the right survey, which I spent a lot of time trying to do. But overall I enjoyed the experience of doing the interviews and getting the insight from the users with different backgrounds!

Thank you for reading!

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